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Designer / atelier riri
Photographer / Edward H. B. N.
Videographer / Yugo

NAIM. A glimpse of Rumah Naim, where luxury meets exceptional architecture and design. Nestled in the heart of Cipete, Antasari, Jakarta, this home is a masterpiece of indoor-outdoor living, offering tranquility and prestige for small families seeking respite from the bustling Jakarta lifestyle. Its elegant designs and lush green landscapes make it an oasis of serenity amidst the urban sprawl, brought to life by industry leaders Atelier Riri and Stomata. But what truly sets Rumah Naim apart is its collaboration with @vastuhome and @luarliving, importing ultra-luxurious European furniture that adorns the house – exquisite sofas, lamps, tables, chairs, and more. This exceptional blend of craftsmanship and opulent furnishings elevates the art of living to new heights. Rumah Naim is more than a home; it symbolizes luxurious living in Jakarta, defining the essence of a dream house.



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