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About walkthru studio. Architectural Content Production & Design. 

The name, Walkthru, was inspired by the founder's fond memories of his childhood. Playing variants of game consoles and collecting books of "walkthrough" as a written guide and tools to level up the players' skills to reach the term "mission completed!". The studio took its reference by providing a wide range of assistance for designers and architects to boost their projects value. To simply walkthru with us to completing missions!

Walkthru studio is a Jakarta-based one-stop Architectural content production and design service across a scale of projects.


The studio established from the belief that every design project has its own mission. Seeing the whole designing process as the framework. While every angle, every touch of cinematic move, and a little bit of storytelling are what brings them closer to the audience. It is our honor to help designers and architects to walkthru with us to completing missions!

Why walkthru studio. 

We believe the world is dynamic and cannot be seen through only a single perspective. Here with walkthru, we offer a one-stop solution for your project. Connecting each client with our expert team, which are not only specialized in our own field but also multidisciplinary, negotiable, visionaries, and fun-to work with!





Our strategies involve on-site and off-site approach. We brainstorm your creative concept and help to find what your project needs before getting started.

Here at walkthru it is essential to grasp the details. We scout locations, create the mood board, scripts, and storyboard to help add your project's details prior to production.




Transparency is one of our core missions. We create Live shoot, footage and ensure all the processes have been well directed and captured by the crews during the production stage.

At this stage, we will ensure your project's outcome is perfect for publishing. Our expert team will edit the photos, videos, and the footage using highly professional tools to bring the project to life!

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